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The Nextcloud Web interface

You can connect to your Nextcloud server using any Web browser. Just point it to your Nextcloud server URL (e.g. cloud.example.com) and enter your username and password:

Nextcloud login screen.

Web browser requirements

For the best experience with the Nextcloud web interface, we recommend that you use the
latest and supported version of a browser from this list:

  • Google Chrome/Chromium
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
If you want to use Nextcloud Talk you need to run Mozilla Firefox 52+
or Google Chrome/Chromium 49+ to have the full experience with video calls and
screensharing. Google Chrome/Chromium requires a additional plugin for screensharing.
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3 simple steps - select domain - confirm email address - confirm phone number and you're done!

Your Nextcloud is ready in 5 minutes

You will receive a free Nextcloud set up from us. As an administrator, you can set up another user.
To start with, you will be provided with 10 GB of free storage space. Up to 50 GB of free storage is optionally possible.