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Synchronizing with Android

Files and notifications

  1. Install the Nextcloud Android client from Google Play Store or
    from F-Droid.
  2. Start the app. There are two ways of setting it up:

    Either: enter your server URL, continue, enter your user name and password and confirm to grant access.

    Or: In Nextcloud's web GUI, go to the user preferences, go to Security. Generate an App password, click "Generate QR code" and tap the QR scanner icon in the Nextcloud app, point your phone's camera towards the screen.

Contacts and Calendar

With the Nextcloud mobile app

  1. Install DAVx⁵ (formerly known as DAVDroid) or
    from F-Droid.
  2. In the Nextcloud mobile, go to Settings/More, tap on "Sync calendars & contacts".
  3. Now, DAVx⁵ will open Nextcloud's Webflow login window, where you will have to enter your credentials and grant access.
  4. DAVx⁵ will open and ask you to create an account. Set the account name to one of your choosing, and set Contact Group Method to Groups are per-contact categories.
  5. After this, DAVx⁵ will close and the Nextcloud app reappears. In order to finish setup, you have to manually launch DAVx⁵ again.
  6. Tap on the icon for the account DAVx⁵ has just created, when requested grant DAVx⁵ access to your calendars and contacts. Optionally install OpenTasks
    (Google Play Store or F-Droid) and grant DAVx⁵ access to your tasks, too.
  7. When you tap the icon for the account DAVx⁵ has set up, it will discover the available address books and calendars. Choose which ones you want to synchronize and finish.

Without the Nextcloud mobile app

If you do not want to install the Nextcloud mobile app, the following steps are required:

  1. Install DAVx⁵ (formerly known as DAVDroid) or
    from F-Droid.
  2. Optionally install OpenTasks (Google Play Store or F-Droid).
  3. Create a new account ("+" button).
  4. Select Connection with URL and username. Base URL: URL of your Nextcloud instance (e.g. https://sub.example.com/remote.php/dav) and
    Contact Group Method: as credentials.
  5. Choose the option Groups are per-contact categories.
  6. Click Connect.
  7. Select the data you want to sync.
  8. When requested, grant access permissions to DAVx⁵ for your contacts, calendars and optionally tasks.
Enter your email address as DAVx⁵ account name (mandatory if you want
to be able to send calendar invitation). If your email address is registered in your Nextcloud preferences and you have set up your account using the Nextcloud mobile app, this all should be aready the case.

DAVx⁵ lists the calendar subscriptions made through the Nextcloud Calendar app, but you need to install the ICSx⁵ (formerly known as ICSDroid) app on your Android device, from the Google Play Store or from F-Droid to sync them.

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3 simple steps - select domain - confirm email address - confirm phone number and you're done!

Your Nextcloud is ready in 5 minutes

You will receive a free Nextcloud set up from us. As an administrator, you can set up another user.
To start with, you will be provided with 10 GB of free storage space. Up to 50 GB of free storage is optionally possible.