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... keep control

With Nextcloud your data stays under your control

Store documents and files, calendar data, contacts and photos on a secure server in a German data center

You can set up as many additional users as you like in the administration area. Who can then, if you share files, also access them.

With Nextcloud you have worldwide access to your data and can synchronize it between your end devices (PC, tablet, cell phone), and share the data with third parties.

Document processing Collabora or OnlyOffice

The Collabora and OnlyOffice document editing app can be activated in their Nextcloud. You can edit your Word documents or even your spreadsheets online in the cloud. Especially through the team function you can work with several users on one document.

Access and share files from anywhere

Nextcloud allows you to access all your files from any device you use.

The intuitive web interface allows you to easily access your files, share them with your own users or third parties, create simple or password-protected links to your files. And you can do this from your desktop or even on the go with your smartphone.

Smartphone (Android & iOS) and desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) programs

Nextcloud applications for Android, iOS and desktop computers allow you to synchronize and share your files through a secure and encrypted connection. The mobile application for your smartphone also allows you to automatically upload your photos and videos to your Nextcloud and synchronize selected directories and files. The application allows you to use multiple clouds and manage them accordingly.

Calendar and contacts

Nextcloud Calendar and Contacts app allows you to securely manage and share your contacts and appointments. You can share the contacts and appointments with other users and synchronize them with a server and your applications on the smartphone and desktop.

... and more apps

Install many more additional apps in your Nextcloud. And use the Nextcloud Appstore for installation

3 simple steps - select domain - confirm email address - confirm phone number and you're done!

Your Nextcloud is ready in 5 minutes

You will receive a free Nextcloud set up from us. As an administrator, you can set up another user.
To start with, you will be provided with 10 GB of free storage space. Up to 50 GB of free storage is optionally possible.