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The Nextcloud from nextfiles.eu can also be used by companies. With our modern server infrastructure in ISO 27001 certified data centers, we can offer you clouds in a wide range of performance classes and storage sizes.

We are also your contact for dedicated servers managed by us for you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

You can reach us at +49 421 167605600 or by email at info@nextfiles.eu.

Just get started with your own Nextcloud:

1. register for free Nextcloud

2. test our cloud for one month free of charge.

3. if you are satisfied, you can then change your cloud accordingly in our customer area.

Alternatively, you can choose a cloud from one of our other offerings:

3 simple steps - select domain - confirm email address - confirm phone number and you're done!

Your Nextcloud is ready in 5 minutes

You will receive a free Nextcloud set up from us. As an administrator, you can set up another user.
To start with, you will be provided with 10 GB of free storage space. Up to 50 GB of free storage is optionally possible.